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Together we set Gothenburg in motion

Our vision is to operate a sustainable tramway journey in world-class

Göteborgs Spårvägar operates the entire tram system in Gothenburg. We have done so for more than 140 years and our blue and white trams are just as significant for Gothenburg as the red Double Decker buses are for London. Our focus is always on providing you with a safe and pleasant journey, every single day.

Reaching our goals takes a lot more people than the tram drivers you meet when travelling. At Göteborgs Spårvägar we have engineers, mechanics, administrators, traffic planners, electricians and many more in order to keep public transportation rolling.

With approximately 1 300 employees we are one of the largest companies that is wholly owned by the City of Gothenburg. In addition to operating trams and buses we also provide other services related to public transport. A few examples of these services are inhouse production of all signs for bus and tram stops, maintenance of the entire rail system, keeping the traffic information at the hub Nils Ericsson Terminalen updated, operating the lost and found service, etc.

Get in touch

For questions about Göteborgs Spårvägar or to get further information in English, contact us via email info@sparvagen.goteborg.se or telephone (+46) 031 732 10 00.

In regards to your journey

  • Do you have questions, input or do you need information about timetables, fares or anything in regards to your journey – please turn to Västtrafik’s customer service.

Have you forgotten something on the tram?

  • Our drivers are instructed to always hand over all lost items directly to Västtrafik as they are responsible for identifying the item’s right owner. Please go to Västtrafiks customer servicer for assistance. Please note that items will be handed over the next working day, at the earliest.

Do you want help navigating yourself around the city?